Sending a mail this morning got me thinking!

I use a program called Mailchimp to stay in contact with past, present and future clients. It allows me to schedule emails ahead of time so that even if I am busy at a birth, I am still able to stay in contact. I also use it for my birth preparation course so that you are able to get daily pregnancy updates and stay on track.

So you might be wondering why I am talking about mailchimp on my blog. You see, I sat down this morning to make some changes to one of my courses and just got completely stuck.

Each of them had an element of what I needed but none of them solved the issue

It seemed that as soon as I got one thing right, something else did not work. I clicked the HELP button in the top left hand corner and was directed to at least 10 possible answers. Each one of them had an element of what I needed but none of them solved my problem. So then I did a Youtube search, thinking it might be easier to watch a video and follow step by step. Once again, I found several videos that seemed to have the answer I was looking for but they were all either too long, too short or explained the step I needed but did not tell me how to get to that point.

A waste of precious time and energy

I wasted almost 4 hours going back and forth trying so solve something that would have taken a mailchimp expert 20 minutes and got comletely overwhelmed and frustrated in the process.

It got me thinking about how overwhelming it is for you when you are searching for answers online. I did some market research a while back in preparation for my new course. Not surprisingly 100% of the respondents reported that they were doing daily searches for pregnancy related queries. I know from the many forums that I belong to, and even my own Facebook group how common it is for you to post online when looking for answers in the moment. But how do you know which answer is the right one?

How do you discern right from wrong, fact from fiction and anecdote from reality?

Most of the posts I follow get at least 30 comments with suggestions based on personal experience, urban legend, cut and paste Dr Google answers and if you are lucky a few facts that are actually true and correct. How do you discern right from wrong, fact from fiction and anecdote from reality?

To get back to my  morning mailchimp disaster, what I really wanted was to call someone up, tell them what I was trying to do and get some straight up advice on how to fix it. I wanted step by step direction to set my system up to work without second guessing myself.

Get the right answers when you need them.

I imagine that is how you feel when you are looking for answers in pregnancy. Sure it is easy to hop on to Google and look it up but imagine if you could send a Whatsapp to a pregnancy expert that you know, like and trust and get the right answer immediately? Instead of wasting a few hours trawling through answers and being constantly redirected to other sites for even more answers, you get the answer you are looking for plus the right resources to read through and referral to the right person if necessary. Surely that would be easier? It certainly cuts down on the overwhelm and self doubt and gives you the opportunity to become your own expert.

Staying in contact with my clients and sharing the right information is essential for the smooth running of my virtual midwifery services so after wasting several hours I have hired an expert to help me.

After all, my expertise is making sure that you and your baby are safe and healthy during pregnancy and birth and that is where I want to focus my time and efforts. If you think that this is something that will help you then your next action is to book a call so we can chat.