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3 reasons that correct breathing is necessary during labor and birth

  1. During contractions/surges/waves, the blood flow to your baby and your muscles is restricted. By using DEEP breathing or BELLY breathing, you will ensure that both your baby and your muscles stay well oxygenated. This reduces fetal distress and pain sensations.
  2. The space between contractions/surges/waves is as important as the contractions themselves. By using EASY breathing you will be able to rest, recover and prepare for the next one, and conserve your energy for when you need it in active labor or when you have the urge to bear down.
  3. At the end of your labor when you feel the urge to bear down, you will use the BIRTH breath to avoid purple pushing. By practicing this during pregnancy it becomes an instinctive response to pressure and will help you to protect your pelvic floor and avoid an episiotomy. You will also feel more in control.

All 5 of these exercises will help you to take notice of your breath and learn some powerful techniques that will be your biggest lifeline during labor and birth.

There is no doubt in my mind that breathing is the single most important tool you will use during labor and this is by far the most powerful kit that I have created.

Learn the 5 essential breathing techniques that will change the way you experience your birth.

  • Learn how to use your breath to stay relaxed during and between surges to stay OUT of the Fear/Tension/Pain cycle.
  • Learn to use the Birth Breath to use instead of "purple pushing" and protect your pelvic floor.
  • Stay calm and focused during your labor.


  • The birth breathing mini course
  • Step by step guides for each of the 5 techniques
  • Journal exercises
  • Access to The Breathing App for daily practice
  • Audio guide

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