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Imagine if you had something creative to do that would help you to reframe and shift your limiting beliefs? The images and affirmations in this book have been carefully selected to address the common fears that I see in my practice

  1. fear of the pain
  2. wondering if you can do it
  3. feeling lonely and unsupported
  4. afraid of how long it might take


Birth is a "right brain" activity. It requires that you let go. Birth preparation classes are a left brain activity because you are learning new information, analysing it and trying to put it into context, finding logic and reasoning from the scientific facts.

Your right brain is the seat of imagination, creativity and dreaming. You can imagine anything you want from the safety of your mind. And here's the thing I bet you did not know. Your mind does not know the difference between imagination and reality. Your mind allows you to think whatever you want. You can choose if you would like to entertain thoughts of horrific births with images that you have seen on TV of women screaming. Or, you can choose to entertain thoughts of a calm and peaceful birth, where you feel in control and you trust what is happening in your body.

When you fill your mind with images of yourself screaming in pain during birth, your body will release adrenaline, the fight or flight hormone, because your mind thinks it is really happening.

When you fill your mind with images of yourself giving birth in calm awareness, your body releases oxytocin, the hormone of love, because your mind thinks it is really happening.

So the images in this book are designed to take you into that space of loving awareness of what is possible. To guide you into a space of deep intuitive knowing and stimulate the release of oxytocin and endorphins. To imprint images of the beauty and power of birth and affirm your inner strength and ability.

Birth is a mind game and mental preparation is key during pregnancy. I have put together a set of 10 images with affirmations that will open your mind to new possibilities of what is possible for you during your birth. You know you can do this but doubt creeps in occasionally, and that's ok. In fact it's pretty normal.

All you need is a box of coloured pencils, some quiet time and your favourite playlist. I recommend putting your labor playlist together and listening to it while you enjoy this activity. The act of listening, doing and being in the moment will help you to anchor the positive feelings, emotions and images in your mind and guide you as you visualise your birth the way you imagine it could be. We call this your birth blue print and it is an important part of birth visualisation.

You've got this mama! Enjoy every moment as you prepare for your big day. Go right brain!


I have included my module on understanding your left and right brain for a positive birth experience & the importance of being able to let go of things that are out of your control.

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