The gold standard in virtual personalised prenatal care

How it works

You will only see your OB/GYN an average of 10 times during your pregnancy – which is an average of 10 hours in 40 weeks! WHOAH! Can you believe that? 

So, I am here to fill in the gaps. Think of me as your own private midwife and pregnancy concierge!

Ongoing support (in person or online, depending on where you live) enables you to enjoy your pregnancy and flourish as a couple during this special time.

You have never done this before so you don’t always know what questions to ask. I guide you every step of the way.

You may not be aware of all the choices you have and why they are important. I walk you through the risks, benefits and alternatives so that you can make informed decisions.

 I teach you the language and skills to confidently communicate with medical staff so that you can be proactive about getting the best for you and your baby. 

I am your trusted “go to” person and my only goal for you is a happy, healthy pregnancy and birth through:

✅ Unlimited Whatsapp/email support commonly used before/after consultations or whenever you have a question/concern/strange sensation to get the right answer immediately or a referral if necessary. (Basically anything to keep you away from Google overwhelm!) 

✅ Scheduled 1:1 video calls for intensive birth preparation and planning. 

✅ Personal online folder for relevant curated content plus all  course content which I work through with you and your partner.   

✅ Breastfeeding support in the first 6 weeks after your baby is born.

✅ Referral to other professionals as and when needed. 

Why it works 

1️⃣ It’s hard to stay afraid when you know you are getting the right advice. I am here for you and your partner everyday, all day to answer questions, guide your choices and keep you on track. 
2️⃣ It’s not a once off class with 9 months of information packed into 2 days. Your birth preparation starts immediately and continues until the day you go into labor. I have a wealth of information and experience and I share it in a way that works for you and your partner.  
3️⃣ It does not stop the moment your baby is born. In fact, that is when things really ramp up as I guide you daily through the highs and lows of bringing your baby home.

Holly contacted me when she was 13 weeks pregnant and I supported her throughout her pregnancy, birth and the first 3 months with her new baby boy. 

Your own pregnancy coach

I was apprehensive about giving birth abroad as I viewed birth as a scary process but working with Karen completely changed my view.

I had a wonderful birth and I thank Karen for my positive experience. She armed me with the confidence and information to be in control of my experience. It was by no means the traumatic experience I had imagined and I was able to bond with my baby straight away after a great birth experience.

With Karen’s guidance and patience, I was able to navigate my way through the early days of motherhood and have gained so much confidence and knowledge. Her help has truly been invaluable and I felt so well supported after my nine month package that I extended it to receive more support, which has been so unbelievably helpful.

I think every mum needs a Karen!

– Holly and baby Oliver (UK) –


Pregnancy coaching

This is for you if:

✅ You are comfortable investing in your personal health and wellbeing, and especially for a positive pregnancy experience.  

You recognise this is a major life event, and you want expert support throughout. 

 You want to explore your options in a safe and non judgemental space to make informed choices for the best outcome. 

✅ You are ready to dive deep into this amazing life journey and make beautiful memories!


Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen.

– Pete Carroll


 Mel’s story

I cannot recommend Karen enough. I was so afraid of the pain, but she gave me so much courage and confidence and I just loved my birth!  I know that sounds crazy and you don’t hear many women say that, but for me it was true.

The hardest part was after my baby was born and I would definitely have given up on breastfeeding if it were not for the 24/7 support and reassurance that I got from Karen.

For that I will be forever grateful.