FINALLY! An online birth course that does what it says on the box! 

No more random online searches and horrific birth stories.

Just straight up info from a midwife, childbirth, hypnobirthing and prenatal yoga instructor. 

Coming soon. Be there or stay afraid.  




3 ways to know this course is right for you:


✅ You are afraid of the pain of labor and worried that something may happen to your baby.

✅ Everyone you speak to seems to have a different opinion and conflicting advice. 

✅ You keep hearing traumatic and disappointing birth stories and you do not  want this to happen to you. 



Ensure the safety of your baby.

Learn necessary birth skills.

Know how to communicate your needs.

Get the birth you want.




HI! I’m Karen. I’ve been a midwife for 30 years and I have watched how things have changed. Being pregnant in the 21st century is now a minefield of choices that can easily detract from the joy of giving birth.

I have seen too many couples being coerced into making decisions from a place of fear and uncertainty when offered interventions they do not fully understand.

I do not want this to happen to you.


3 Reasons it works:

Created by a midwife who shares what your doctor will NOT tell you so you have a balanced view of ALL your options. 

✅ Not your average cookie cutter birth course (how dull!) – this is the best of all the available birth courses rolled into one. 

✅ Packed with essential tips, tricks and cheat sheets (the stuff you really need) 


How this course helped me

I was advised to have an induction at 36 weeks which was not what I planned and really scary. The information I learned guided me to ask the right questions, get 2 more opinions and then to go ahead, confident it was the right decision . I had the most amazing birth and never imagined that it could be so beautiful.

Sofia Tsiafi

Attorney at Law, Greece

3 things that make this course different


✅ No text book jargon – just straight up facts. 

✅ Direct experience of what happens in labor. 

✅ Information that is not typically part of a birth preparation program (the game changer) 


With her holistic approach, Karen helped me experience childbirth as it is meant to be – natural. I am super sporty and throughout my pregnancy I was advised to slow down and do things differently. I learned to connect to my baby and to my inner knowing and to make decisions that felt right for me. 

Chloe Steele

Nutritionist, UK

This is what I know for sure:


✅Unnecessary interventions can be avoided with the right information.

✅ The safety of your baby is your prime consideration.

✅ Traumatic and disappointing birth experiences can be avoided with the right preparation and support


What you get:


✅ How to videos + audio + eBooks

✅ The stages of labor cheat sheet + BRAT pack

✅ 5 essential breathing techniques + app

✅ Inside info on medical and non medical pain relief options.  



My water broke while I was having a date night out with my husband. Because I had done this course, I knew what to do and even my husband was super calm (which surprised me!) My labor was long and hard but I never felt afraid. I thought it was just a class about birth, but for me, it was life changing.

Natalia Costa

Film Maker, Portugal

This course is the KEY to:


✅ Minimise your chances of having unnecessary interventions

✅ Feel confident asking for what you need to have an AMAZING BIRTH

✅ Manage your labor with PROVEN TECHNIQUES so you don’t freak out

✅ Be supported by your partner with confidence and TRUST  

✅ Learning the tools to turn your fear into COURAGE 

Top 3 Common Mistakes

A checklist downloaded from the internet is not good enough.

❌ Using your friend’s birth plan that worked for her does not guarantee it will work for you. 

❌ Piecing bits together from internet searches will make you confused and uncertain. 

5 ways to avoid them:

✅ A step by step guide to take the stress and fear out of thinking about  birth and start planning and preparing.

✅ Stop endless searches that lead you down a rabbit hole of horror stories and start getting  the right information.  

✅ A personalised plan that empowers you to get what you want.

✅ The language and tools to explain your needs.

✅ The ability to effectively communicate your wishes to your birth team. 



A 10 step process to give you the confidence you need to have the birth you want.

✅ 10 video lessons + mini ebooks to help you figure out why the stuff you read sounds so scary and help you move beyond that fear with proven techniques.

✅ 10 brainstorming worksheets to help you see the big picture (real life birth is NOT like the movies)

✅ 10 days of guided learning + cheat sheets to give you the language to discuss your wishes with your care provider


What you will learn on each day


The fear of pain can easily lead you into a negative and counter productive Fear/Tension/Pain cycle. Understanding what causes it and that there is a purpose and a reason behind it will help you to prepare effectively. You will not only learn powerful techniques but more importantly, you will learn when and how to implement them and how to make sure that you are given the space and time to use them effectively. 



The best position to give birth in is the position that allows your baby to come out easily and feels most comfortable for you. Some hospitals are not comfortable with positions other than “on your back and on the bed”.  Today you will learn how to communicate your need to stay active and how to  maximise your movements to ease labor. 



Knowing how your baby moves down and out of your body will give you the confidence to speak out or seek a second opinion when you are told that your baby is “too big” or that you need a c/section or induction. Some doctors share stories of shoulder dystocia to scare you into making decisions before you have even gone into labor. This module is essential to learn how to have an open discussion and be certain that your wishes will be respected both before and during labor. 



Today is about  the power of birth as well as how to avoid potential power struggles in hospital. Just as you do not have to remind your heart to beat or your lungs to breathe, you do not need to show your body how to give birth. You will go into the birth room feeling confident that your doctor respects your birth plan and that you will not be placed in a compromising position during this vulnerable time. 



While your doctor is concerned about the health and wellbeing of your baby, it is more from fear of litigation than  respect for the role your baby  plays in being born. You are intimately connected to your baby and this connection and knowing is like your guiding light during labor. Learning to trust this and advocate for yourself and your baby is an essential part of your planning and preparation and  you will learn how to do it in this module.  



Doctors and hospital staff do not put much emphasis on non medical comfort measures such as breathing, and often dismiss them as new age hippy thinking. The truth is that breathing will be one of your most powerful tools and done correctly will keep you calm, centred and in control. In this module you will be given the tools to practice during pregnancy ( I have a breathing app and bonus mini course) and your partner will learn how to communicate the need for space and silence to allow your breathing to be spontaneous and effective. 



An episiotomy is unfortunately still a common practice in many hospitals and most often done for the wrong reasons.  You may already be practising Kegels exercises, but on its own, this is not enough. The breathing techniques you learned on day 6 are essential to learn how to release when giving birth, but the most important aspect of this module is knowing the language to discuss episiotomy with your care provider and what you need to do in order to minimise your chances of having one unnecessarily.  



Whether or not your partner joins you on this course or watches the videos or reads the ebooks, he or she will be an integral part of your birth, but very often they shy away from courses and classes because they are unsure of their role and feel inadequate. This module will guide and empower your partner to be the best they can be with step by step instructions on what to do, when to do it and how to do it. 



Having your baby in a hospital is seen to be the safest choice as you have access to emergency equipment, staff and systems. The flip side is that you will be treated as a patient and will need to adhere to hospital policy and procedure. These do not always favour allowing birth to progress without intervention and interference and there is an unfortunate focus on time (eg: the need to go into labor before 40 weeks or be induced, the need to speed things up if your labor does not proceed as expected or even the need to have a c/section if certain milestones are not reached in time.) This places a lot of silent and unnecessary pressure and stress on you to “perform” which is counter intuitive in labor. In this module you will learn how to manage your expectations and how to discuss common hospital interventions with the idea of avoiding them unless they are necessary. 



Once again the focus on time often leads to early clamping and cutting of the umbilical cord. In this module you will learn the benefits of delayed cord clamping and how to make sure that this is respected when your baby is born.  You will also learn about the hormone oxytocin and the golden hour after birth. This is the last day of lessons but you will have access to the videos for a lifetime!


Everybody loves a little something extra and I love giving gifts. Check your inbox after you have signed up and you will find the first of 3 bonus gifts to get you started on your 10 Day Online Birth Plan. Get colouring while you wait for the course to begin. 

✅ By the end of 10 days you have enough information to create a  birth plan that is realistic and uniquely personal to you and your partner

You will have the language, skills and the confidence to discuss your plan with your care provider and make the any tweaks or adjustments

You will understand the factors that are out of your control and how to maximise your efforts to let go of these and focus on the factors that are within your control. 

Click the link below to listen to the podcast I did about birth plans if you are still feeling unsure.  

You might be wondering why you should pay for information that is freely available online...

Free information is not organised or structured. It’s free and therefore it is random and fear based because of the risk of litigation. (You know how it goes – start searching for flu symptoms and end up thinking you have terminal lung cancer)

Why I created this course:

With the increase in medicalization of childbirth and risk averse environment, it is crucial that you can advocate for yourself. 

While technological advances have done a lot to improve birth outcomes they come with risks and drawbacks when used inappropriately.

This course will give you the confidence to navigate your choices.