Support for Expats Giving Birth Abroad

While there is nothing inherently different about giving birth abroad, the differences in language, culture and lifestyle can make navigating a foreign health care system challenging.

The added feeling of isolation being far from family and friends during this special time can make it seem far more scary than what it should be.

I lived and worked in the Middle East for 14 years as an expat midwife. This experience gave me a deep insight into the unique challenges of life events abroad and was the catalyst for the Virtual Midwife services. 

All my packages and services will help you to address and overcome the these common concerns of expats:


  1. Are the hospitals equipped to cope with emergencies? 
  2. Will my wishes be understood due to language and culture differences? 
  3. Is the standard of care similar to what I would get back home?
  4. How to choose a suitable health care provider? 
  5. Where to find support during pregnancy 
  6. How to choose the right birth environment (hospital, birth center, home) 
  7. Will I be able to get the required tests and investigations?  

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