Support for Expats Giving Birth Abroad

I am an expat midwife and traveller so the majority of my work has been with expats, particularly in the Middle East where I have worked sporadically since 2003. I have a deep understanding of the unique challenges of having a baby abroad. Whether you choose to return home or stay in your host country, you will be faced with many choices and decisions that may be more challenging in a foreign health care system.


All the programs that I offer have been created with expats in mind. In fact, the Virtual Midwife was started because of my dream to reach more expats in remote locations who have little or no access to quality support.

Even if I have not visited or worked in the location that you are living, I have a huge network of midwives, doulas and birth workers around the world that I can connect you with. What you want (and need) is someone to guide you and keep you on track so that you are able to get the best care for you and your baby, wherever you are in the world. This is what I do. 

Common concerns that I am faced with include:

Are the hospitals equipped to cope with emergencies?

Will my wishes be understood due to language and culture differences?

Is the standard of care similar to what I would get back home?

How to choose a suitable health care provider? 

Where to find support during pregnancy

How to choose the right birth environment (hospital, birth center, home)

Will I be able to get the required tests and investigations? 

Start Here

I love a list. In fact I believe that all good things start with a list, which is why I wrote this little eBook for you. Use it to start planning and prioritising your care and making an action plan. 

Once you have read the eBook you will have a clear idea of which package is best for you and your partner. Remember – it does not matter where you are in the world. I work online and in person. I have passport and I travel. It is my pleasure to work with couples around the world as I grow my expertise of birth culture around the world. 

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