I decided to do a quick recording for this session so that I could include some helpful images. I look forward to your feedback and questions. You have to pay attention to how your body’s positions/locations affect your baby’s position and efforts to come down, through, and out! Learning to open your body and assume positions that keep your body open, mobile, and soft inside have a HUGE impact on your ability to let your baby out. Your baby’s position can impact

  • your Birth Plans.
  • the maternity care you receive and/or are encouraged to accept.
  • the choices you’ll have for the birth.
  • how fast or slow your labor is.
  • how easily your baby fits through your body.
  • There is no doubt that many women are required to stay in bed while they are in labor. If that’s you, figure out how to be in the best position that works with the standard of care put around you by the hospital or care provider. Consider the difference between your external position and how you keep yourself internally open!