Join me in the chat room to ask questions, get advice or find resources.

What are your worried about?

What do you wish you had asked your Doctor at your last appointment?

Who do you ask for advice about diet, exercise and birth preparation?  

As a midwife, I know how many questions you have and how easy it is to forget them when you are sitting in front of your Doctor. I know that you want the very best for you and your baby. I know that you want to make good choices and that it is difficult when there are so many choices available and so much conflicting advice. 

That is why I created the Virtual Midwife Chat Room. Once a week you can ask me anything, tell me anything or just use the space to share whatever you are feeling and experiencing at this moment. My goal is to guide, inform, listen, support and ultimately lead you to a place of trust so that you can truly enjoy your pregnancy and find peace of mind. 


your first session is free and then join for $27/month

Every week is an opportunity to pick my brains. 

Some of the things I chat about:

what questions to ask at your next appointment and what to do with the answers
how to modify your diet and exercise routine during pregnancy wether you are very fit and active or if you are sedentary
how to bring breath awareness into your daily life during pregnancy and various ways to practice
how to cope when friends and family share horrible birth stories and talking through your cultural beliefs and expectations

Let’s chat!


your first session is free and then join for $27/month

Relax into your pregnancy knowing that you are supported and that you are creating a team of people around you who believe in you and your ability to birth your baby your way. 

Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen.

Pete Carroll


Here’s what they say

I appreciated her warm nature, years of midwifery experience, sense of humor and fear-free approach

Sarah Marshall

Neuro-Developmental Therapist, www.sarahmarshall.co.uk

I found the online community and classes really useful as I could do it in my own time and she talked through the different hopes and expectations my husband and I had

Rebekka Summers

inancial Controller, Germany

Karen helped me to understand the non-necessity of modern medical interventions and when to be able to say ‘no’

Iram Ansari

Assistant Professor in Accounting & Finance at the Sultan Qaboos University

Even though I ended up going for a c/section, I still had total trust in my body and knew that it was the right decision for me, thanks to all the classes with Karen

Katarina, Germany

Karen taught me about “holding space” before I even knew it was a thing. The lessons I learned from her altered the course of my life. My pregnancy and birth experience was so amazing that it inspired me to become a doula.

Hayley Rand

Birth Doula, UK

I never believed that birth could be so beautiful.

Sofia Tsiafi

Attorney at Law, Greece

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