I had the pleasure to interview Lori Barklage, the director of AAMI for my podcast.
The school was founded by Carla Hartley in 1981, following her own hospital birth that went badly. She realised there was a need for information on physiological birth. Carla felt that the family was being lost in all of this and knowledge on physiological birth was lacking. She founded a correspondence school with all the information and resources on paper. She would mail it to you, you would do the work and mail it back and it would be graded.

In 2016 Lori took the school over. Everything was still on paper and she converted it to an online programme, utilising the material that Carla had collected and 30 years of resources. The goal is to focus on opening more community schools about really understanding physiological birth. It is an online school that enables you to start the programme online, do the academic work and the AAMI will find apprenticeship opportunities while supporting work in the community.

Like me, the AAMI believes that the power to change  is in the hands of the families who are learning better and doing better. Doctors are trained in pathophysiology and midwives are trained in physiology of labour. Midwives spend a year or two training on just birth where the doctors it’s a very short path of their training and study.
Its absolutely about sharing ancient knowledge and wisdom.
The AAMI focus on the rights and responsibilities of the families, because it is the families that need the respect not the profession. Knowing why care givers do what we do, gives us the courage to stand with the parents.
It’s about putting the birth back into the hands of the people having the babies
Raising awareness of what midwives can do, how midwives can help woman, we all have different qualifications and experience, we all have different healing, magic, wisdom, there’s something that brings us to that, to raise awareness of the importance of that and make more of us

Birth is as safe as life gets


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