I help you choose the right care provider

Following friends (or facebook) recommendations is not good enough because your choice of care provider will impact your birth outcome. I have the skills and resources to guide the process and steer you in the right direction or help you course correct until you find the right person for YOU. 

I help you decide where to give birth

This is hugely personal and involves many factors, both medical and non medical. I walk you through the available options and explain the benefits, risks and advantages of each. This is an opportunity to explore all your options without having to explain, justify or commit to anything until you are certain. 

I brief you before every appointment and debrief afterwards

You will experience strange symptoms and emotions throughout your pregnancy, not just when you see your care provider, which is on average 10 times during your pregnancy. I am with you every step of the way, guiding you to ask the right questions, get the right advice and providing relevant resources and recommendations BETWEEN appointments. 

I help you avoid “pregnancy google overload”

You are entering unchartered territory so you are spending hours online to make sure you do not miss anything. Research and preparation is a vital part of my support packages but I will teach you to be discerning and guide you to the correct resources along with my courses and curated content. 

I give you the right information when you need it

The internet is overflowing with scary birth stories and advice that constantly contradicts itself. Fear mongering is rife online and we all have a tendency to focus on the negative rather than the positive. Go there if you will, but for every negative birth story you show me, I will counter you with ten positive. 

I demystify your options

I know that you want the BEST for you and your baby, and I am here to help you get it. In my “real” life I work in a home birth practice but I still maintain a strong online presence because I know it is the first place you go when you are pregnant. I do not want you to get steered into making choices based on fear. 

Online pregnancy and childbirth support with Karen Wilmot
Being virtual is the most simple and effective way of connecting with you. 

Technology allows me to connect with you wherever you are in the world.

I will not be your primary care provider. My role is to guide you to find the best care provider, the best place to give birth and to be with you every step of the way.

My value lies in the relationship of trust that we create. I share my wisdom, experience and expertise in a way that makes sense to you and that is in line with your beliefs and expectations.

I am virtually with you 24/7 and I share the right information and resources as and when you need them. 

While it is true that women have been doing this for millions of years, they did not have to navigate a system that supports policy and procedure over women’s choice.

I support choice. I support you and I believe that knowledge is power. 

3 ways to work with me. Which one suits you?

10 Day Birth Plan


This is the course I wish everyone I met when I was working in the labor room had done. This course will give you a clear sense of what you want, what you need and how to get it in 10 easy steps. 

The Midwife Guide to Hospital Birth

Coming soon! While 75% of births are still being done in hospitals that are governed by policy and procedure rather than personal preference and choice – this course is essential for anyone having a hospital birth. You will learn what to expect and how to manage the restrictions that may be placed on you so that you can still have a positive and memorable birth experience.

Virtual Midwife VIP 

A highly personalised package that includes access to all my courses & resources plus regular 1:1 calls. This is the ultimate way to get complete care and support throughout your pregnancy. I have a team of experts and together we provide a holistic and comprehensive guide so that you can enjoy every moment of your pregnancy knowing that every aspect of your care will be covered. 

The Virtual Midwife … at a glance


My mother was a midwife and also my first and greatest teacher.
She taught me that birth was natural, normal and incredibly beautiful.

I love to travel and I am blessed that my work takes me around the world supporting women online and in person

Favourite things include yoga, sailing, singing and cheese and tomato sandwiches.


Writer, speaker, entrepreneur, adventurer, sailor, musician and keeper of women’s traditions

My ‘first birth’ was actually a cow. I was 8 years old and from that moment I was hooked on birth!

Nursing, midwifery, hypnotherapy, yoga, marketing, business administration & adult education


“So much of who we are is where we have been.” Lao Tzu

The Virtual Midwife in the Press




How Karen helped me

Karen taught me about “holding space” before I even knew it was a thing. The lessons I learned from her altered the course of my life. My pregnancy and birth experience was so amazing that it inspired me to become a doula.

Hayley Rand

Birth Doula, UK

Karen was not only with me for both of my pregnancies and births, she was also my mentor during my doula studies. She taught me the value of honoring every woman’s experience.

Lindsay Lane Ward Hoffman

Yoga Teacher and Doula, USA

Throughout my wife’s pregnancies I often felt overlooked and rather like a spare wheel. Karen was the only person to make me feel entitled to share and take part in the birth experience. For that I will always be immensely grateful.

Ross Baird

Creative Director

I never believed that birth could be so beautiful.

Sofia Tsiafi

Attorney at Law, Greece

I thought it was just a class about birth, but for me, it was life changing.

Natalia Costa

Film Maker, Portugal

With her holistic approach, Karen helped me experience childbirth as it is meant to be – natural.

Chloe Steele

Nutritionist, UK

Being virtual is the most simple and effective way of connecting with you. 

I left the hospital system in 2009 because I had a vision of creating change. At least 80% of the women I met in the labor room were not prepared for the challenge of labor and it was TOO LATE when they were already IN labor. Added to that were the many hospital procedures that quite frankly, made me uncomfortable. I realised I needed to unlearn everything I had been taught, and relearn it in a way that serves YOU not the system. 

I now work with women online and in person, sharing my wisdom, experience and the many lessons I learned in the labor room so that you are able to have the birth I know is possible with the right preparation. While it is true that women have been doing this for millions of years, they did not have to navigate a system that supports policy and procedure over women’s choice. I support choice. I support you. Knowledge IS power. 


The only book written for expats by an expat midwife. Everything you need & more

Start the journey

10 Day Birth Plan

Ultimate Online Birth Course

Virtual Midwife VIP

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20 hours ago

The Virtual Midwife Karen Wilmot

🤰🏼"I heard about Karen through a work colleague and was told about the amazing support she offered to other mums in Muscat.

I was apprehensive about giving birth abroad as I viewed birth as a scary process but working with Karen completely changed my view. I had a wonderful birth and I thank Karen for my positive experience. She armed me with the confidence and information to be in control of my experience. It was by no means the traumatic experience I had imagined and I was able to bond with my baby straight away after a great birth experience.

Being an expat and away from family support was a big challenge as a first time mum. However, with Karen’s guidance and patience, I was able to navigate my way through the early days of motherhood and have gained so much confidence and knowledge. Her help has truly been invaluable and I felt so well supported after my nine month package that I extended it to receive more support, which has been so unbelievably helpful. I think every mum needs a Karen!"

Holly had almost a year of virtual support - from early pregnancy until her baby boy was 4 months old and I helped her through the highs and lows of pregnancy, birth and bringing her new baby home.

If you think you would enjoy this level of support then give me a call and let's chat.

A quick heads up - This is not for you if:

✅You want the quick fix (I recommend the 10 Day Birth Plan if that is more your style, it will give you everything you need in a short space of time)
✅You are not an action taker. You prefer to wing it and hope for the best.
✅You are not willing to invest in yourself and your pregnancy experience (you would prefer to spend that money on a stroller and cute baby clothes)

This is for you if:
✅You want round the clock 24/7 support – you are comfortable using technology to stay connected.
✅You want quality curated information. You understand that everyone’s needs are different and you trust that I will give you what you need.
✅You are successful in your career and comfortable hiring experts in their respective field.
✅You might be (but don’t have to be) an expat – I am an expat midwife, I understand your challenges.
✅You are a realistic optimist – despite your fears, you realise that this is the beginning of a journey of exploration and transformation and you are ready to embrace the change!

❤️You can find out more about this package here
❤️or book a call and let's chat here
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2 days ago

The Virtual Midwife Karen Wilmot

What a privilege that I get to be the one whispering those words and holding the space for the birth of mother and baby
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3 days ago

The Virtual Midwife Karen Wilmot
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