What is the Virtual Midwife? 

VIRTUAL:  Something that is virtual can be done or seen using a computer and therefore without going anywhere.

MIDWIFE: a professional specialising in pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and newborn care. 

Imagine having a Virtual Midwife? Someone who will guide you step by step through your pregnancy. This is what I do. This is how I can help YOU. 

Being virtual is the most simple and effective way of connecting with you. 

What are your worried about?

What do you wish you had asked your Doctor at your last appointment?

Who do you ask for advice about diet, exercise and birth preparation?  

3 ways to work with me. Which one suits you?

Virtual Midwife Chat Room

Every Friday at 11am Gulf Standard Time I host the Virtual Midwife Chat Room, because all the information in the world means nothing if you don’t have anyone to help you put it all in perspective. Your first session is free, so you can meet me and see how it works. Love it and join so you can get peace of mind throughout your pregnancy. 

10 Day Birth Plan

Every day for 10 days you will receive a guided lesson with video, audio and the topic of the day. I provide additional coaching and feedback daily in the private Facebook group. Groups are limited to 25 so that I am able to give you the attention you need and courses run every 6 weeks. Sign up to be added to the waitlist. 

6 week online course

This  comprehensive course can be started at any time and completed at your own pace.  The course consists of 6 modules with video, audio and ebook content plus unlimited access to the library of cheat sheets and checklists. You will have lifetime membership in the private group for live coaching and ongoing support with me. 

The Virtual Midwife … at a glance


My mother was a midwife and also my first and greatest teacher. She taught me that birth was natural, normal and incredibly beautiful.
My life has been building towards the point of becoming ‘the virtual midwife’ ever since I was born. I grew up in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, in a busy household where my mother was a midwife and my early years were full of her stories of brave women and incredible births. Even back then the idea of birth filled me with awe, and the desire to nurture and treasure new life became embedded in my soul.

I love to travel and I am blessed that my work takes me around the world supporting women online and in person

Favourite things include yoga, sailing, singing and cheese and tomato sandwiches.


Writer, speaker, entrepreneur, adventurer, sailor, musician and keeper of women’s traditions

My ‘first birth’ was actually a cow. I was 8 years old and from that moment I was hooked on birth!

Nursing, midwifery, hypnotherapy, yoga, marketing, business administration & adult eductation


“So much of who we are is where we have been.” Lao Tzu

The Virtual Midwife in the Press




How Karen helped me

Karen taught me about “holding space” before I even knew it was a thing. The lessons I learned from her altered the course of my life. My pregnancy and birth experience was so amazing that it inspired me to become a doula.

Hayley Rand

Birth Doula, UK

Karen was not only with me for both of my pregnancies and births, she was also my mentor during my doula studies. She taught me the value of honoring every woman’s experience.

Lindsay Lane Ward Hoffman

Yoga Teacher and Doula, USA

Throughout my wife’s pregnancies I often felt overlooked and rather like a spare wheel. Karen was the only person to make me feel entitled to share and take part in the birth experience. For that I will always be immensely grateful.

Ross Baird

Creative Director

I never believed that birth could be so beautiful.

Sofia Tsiafi

Attorney at Law, Greece

I thought it was just a class about birth, but for me, it was life changing.

Natalia Costa

Film Maker, Portugal

With her holistic approach, Karen helped me experience childbirth as it is meant to be – natural.

Chloe Steele

Nutritionist, UK

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