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I have been a midwife for 30 years.  I left the hospital system in 2010 to focus on creating a practice dedicated to holistic woman centred care. The Virtual Midwife was created to meet the increasing need for professional advice online and has enabled me to support hundreds of families around the world to enjoy their pregnancy and have empowering birth experiences. 


Holistic Online Community

If you want to dive straight in and get a taste of my teaching style and birth philosophy, then head on over and join my closed FB community group. I host regular Q&A sessions and live webinars so when you invest in my courses, you know that you will get exactly what you signed up for and more!  



Home Birth

Presently I am based in Cape Town, South Africa. I work in private practice as in independent midwife offering home birth as well as part time locum shifts at Al Nisa private Midwife Obstetric Unit in Rondebosch.

I am registered with the South African Nursing Council and the Board of Health Care Professionals of South Africa (practice number 0794783)

Drop me an email using the CONTACT ME button below and we can set up a time to chat.

Traveling Midwife

All travel plans are presently on hold due to the corona pandemic but I am still supporting couples virtually in Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Jakarta and Rwanda and I am certain that my traveling midwife services will resume again in 2021. Fortunately the nature of birth allows for good forward planning! 



Gentle birth through breath

Mind and breath are your most powerful tools to manage the intensity of birth – and you already own them! All you need is learn how to use them effectively and that is exactly what you get with this course.

Powerful in its simplicity, it will radically transform the way you experience your pregnancy and birth and is the true essence of all birth preparation techniques. 


Virtual Support

This is a highly personalised bespoke care package to get the benefit of my online courses in addition to regular 1:1 consultations tailor made to suit you and your unique needs and wishes. These packages were previously popular with my expat families, however due to the changes caused by lockdown regulations, it is almost the new normal.  You will be surprised at how effective online support can be.



Get my Book

While nothing about pregnancy is different when you are abroad, the difference in culture, language and lifestyle may be starkly different to your own and require a massive shift in mindset. This book will guide you to know that a positive outcome is not just possible, but to expect it and know how to get it. Giving Birth Abroad is the roadmap to embrace pregnancy as part of your expat adventure. Available on Amazon.



How Karen helped me

Karen taught me about “holding space” before I even knew it was a thing. The lessons I learned from her altered the course of my life. My pregnancy and birth experience was so amazing that it inspired me to become a doula.

Hayley Rand

Birth Doula, UK

Karen was not only with me for both of my pregnancies and births, she was also my mentor during my doula studies. She taught me the value of honoring every woman’s experience.

Lindsay Lane Ward Hoffman

Yoga Teacher and Doula, USA

Throughout my wife’s pregnancies I often felt overlooked and rather like a spare wheel. Karen was the only person to make me feel entitled to share and take part in the birth experience. For that I will always be immensely grateful.

Ross Baird

Creative Director


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