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If you’re pregnant you might be feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness with a thousand questions flashing through your mind. There’s so much that is new and strange, and so much information online that it can all feel a bit overwhelming. I know that you want the BEST for you and your baby, and I am here to help you get it. I have been a midwife for over 20 years. I am continuously immersed in studying and exploring new ways to deepen my practice through yoga, breathing and a combination of ancient wisdom and modern knowing. 

Online pregnancy and childbirth support with Karen Wilmot

Being virtual is the most simple and effective way of connecting with you. 

I left the hospital system in 2009 because I had a vision of creating change. At least 80% of the women I met in the labor room were not prepared for the challenge of labor and it was TOO LATE when they were already IN labor. Added to that were the many hospital procedures that quite frankly, made me uncomfortable. I realised I needed to unlearn everything I had been taught, and relearn it in a way that serves YOU not the system. 

I now work with women online and in person, sharing my wisdom, experience and the many lessons I learned in the labor room so that you are able to have the birth I know is possible with the right preparation. While it is true that women have been doing this for millions of years, they did not have to navigate a system that supports policy and procedure over women’s choice. I support choice. I support you. Knowledge IS power. 



The only book written for expats by an expat midwife. Everything you need & more


3 ways to work with me. Which one suits you?

10 Day Birth Plan


This is the course I wish everyone I met when I was working in the labor room had done. This course will give you a clear sense of what you want, what you need and how to get it in 10 easy steps. 

Ultimate Online Birth Course

This is my signature self directed, work at your own pace, holistic course of video, audio and written content to guide you step by step through each stage of pregnancy, plus unlimited access to the library of cheat sheets, checklists and prenatal yoga videos. 

Virtual Midwife VIP 

A personalised package that includes access to all my courses & resources plus regular 1:1 calls. While the focus is on your pregnancy, I will guide you through the huge transformation that having a baby has on your life, your work, your relationship and your body. 

The Virtual Midwife … at a glance


My mother was a midwife and also my first and greatest teacher.
She taught me that birth was natural, normal and incredibly beautiful.

I love to travel and I am blessed that my work takes me around the world supporting women online and in person

Favourite things include yoga, sailing, singing and cheese and tomato sandwiches.


Writer, speaker, entrepreneur, adventurer, sailor, musician and keeper of women’s traditions

My ‘first birth’ was actually a cow. I was 8 years old and from that moment I was hooked on birth!

Nursing, midwifery, hypnotherapy, yoga, marketing, business administration & adult education


“So much of who we are is where we have been.” Lao Tzu

The Virtual Midwife in the Press




How Karen helped me

Karen taught me about “holding space” before I even knew it was a thing. The lessons I learned from her altered the course of my life. My pregnancy and birth experience was so amazing that it inspired me to become a doula.

Hayley Rand

Birth Doula, UK

Karen was not only with me for both of my pregnancies and births, she was also my mentor during my doula studies. She taught me the value of honoring every woman’s experience.

Lindsay Lane Ward Hoffman

Yoga Teacher and Doula, USA

Throughout my wife’s pregnancies I often felt overlooked and rather like a spare wheel. Karen was the only person to make me feel entitled to share and take part in the birth experience. For that I will always be immensely grateful.

Ross Baird

Creative Director

I never believed that birth could be so beautiful.

Sofia Tsiafi

Attorney at Law, Greece

I thought it was just a class about birth, but for me, it was life changing.

Natalia Costa

Film Maker, Portugal

With her holistic approach, Karen helped me experience childbirth as it is meant to be – natural.

Chloe Steele

Nutritionist, UK

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10 Day Birth Plan

Ultimate Online Birth Course

Virtual Midwife VIP

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