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Who Is The Virtual Midwife?

The Virtual Midwife is for you if…

My life has been building towards the point of becoming ‘the virtual midwife’ ever since I was born. I grew up in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, in a busy household where my mother was a midwife and my early years were full of her stories of brave women and incredible births. Even back then the idea of birth filled me with awe, and the desire to nurture and treasure new life became embedded in my soul.

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You want to enjoy and calm and peaceful pregnancy and birth

You want to feel in control and be an active participant in your care

You are feeling overwhelmed with the volume of information available

You crave that little bit extra; the personal touch

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What makes The Virtual Midwife program different?

Personal Touch

“Live” interaction with webinars and VOIP calls. This is your Virtual Antenatal Clinic and Virtual Yoga Studio all rolled into one, and I am with your every step of the way with group or personal coaching


This program is about creating change and results. You will get tools, techniques, guides and a deep understanding of the principles of a safe and gentle birth.


Preparing for birth cannot be done alone. The Virtual Midwife provides an online community of like-minded women who are all striving for the same thing – a safe and gentle birth.

“The antenatal course was brilliant for both my husband and I. Karen shared her vast midwifery knowledge in a sensible yet fun way. She instills confidence through her calming and reassuring approach.”

Debs & Pete



The Importance of Words

Way back when I was still working in labor room, I would often get handed birth plans with requests stated in the negative “no Pitocin, no breaking of the membranes, no pain medication” and so forth. Very often, despite our best attempts to honor these requests, they would end up getting every intervention they did not want and nobody was happy. This is because “energy goes where thought flows.” Changing the words makes a big difference to how your mind perceives your intentions.

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Every labor is unique, individual and variable.

Without doubt these are the 3 most common fears of pregnant women.

1. What does it feel like? (expectation based)
2. How long it will take?(time based)
3. What will happen? (outcome based)

But there is one thing that we know for sure. Every labor is unique, individual and variable.
In other words – the facts and the physiology will always be the same…

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Marathons and Birth

Over the years I have often found myself comparing birth preparation in the same way that you would prepare for a marathon. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that many of you have never run a marathon and probably never will (myself included) but a marathon is merely a long-lasting or challenging task or event of a special kind. I am sure that there is something that you have done in the past that fits that description. It could even refer to a more sedentary task like studying

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What Our Members Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let our members do the talking!

The antenatal course was brilliant for both my husband and I – she shared her vast midwifery knowledge in a sensible yet fun way.’Karen instills confidence through her calming and reassuring approach.

Debs & Pete


Karen was invaluable to be before, during and after the birth of my first baby. I appreciated her warm nature, years of midwifery experience, sense of humor and fear-free approach. I have had two lovely water births- something I hadn’t even considered before meeting her.

Sarah Marshall

Neuro-Developmental Therapist

Throughout my wife’s pregnancies I often felt overlooked and rather like a spare wheel. Karen was the only person to make me feel entitled to share and take part in the birth experience. For that I will always be immensely grateful.

Ross Baird

Creative Director

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I work with women from all around the world and one thing is certain, you all have the same fears around giving birth. Everything about this program is directed towards leading you towards feeling safe and confident to make choices and decisions. 

The Virtual Midwife in the Press

Preparing for Baby

There is so much information available but so much of it focuses on the problems, risks and negative aspects. As a result most women fear giving birth and I was seeing women arriving in the delivery suite in a state of tension and panic. I believe in safe and gentle birth but it is crucial to be effectively prepared to get this. Read more

What you need to know about giving birth abroad

Having a baby, especially your first, in a foreign country can be a daunting thought. It is easy to get so caught up in this that you neglect the physical and emotional preparation required for this life changing event. So for a moment lets forget that you are in a foreign country and get back to basics. Read More

The Joy of Yoga in Pregnancy

Asana and Pranayama help us towards gaining mastery over our body and developing an energetic awareness of ourselves.Mastery of the breath is one of the most important techniques to learn in preparation for birth. There are many aspects of birth that are out of our control, but we always have control of the breath and the mind and they influence each other in equal measure. Read More

The Virtual Midwife … at a glance


My mother was a midwife and also my first and greatest teacher. She taught me that birth was a natural, normal and incredibly beautiful.

I love to travel and I am blessed that my work takes me around the world supporting women online and in person

Favourite things include yoga, sailing, singing and cheese and tomato sandwiches.


Writer, speaker, entrepreneur, adventurer, sailor, musician and keeper of women’s traditions

My ‘first birth’ was actually a cow. I was 8 years old and from that moment I was hooked on birth!

Nursing, midwifery, hypnotherapy, yoga, marketing, business administration & adult eductation


“So much of who we are is where we have been.” Lao Tzu

A Sneak Peak at the Last 20 Years

Every birth I have attended has changed me on some level and taught me something about the incredible wisdom of women and babies.

I promote a holistic approach to birth which includes yoga and powerful breathing techniques. We can not separate body, mind and breath.

I believe in safe and gentle birth for ALL women. I host workshops and retreats around the world to raise awareness of the importance of safe & gentle birth and how to achieve it.

Reasons to Love Online Birth Preparation

Statistics (and personal experience) show improved birth outcomes and increased overall satisfaction with the birth experience when couples are prepared and educated about what to expect. This is especially true for expats who are already in foreign circumstances.

Even the most loving & supportive husbands sometimes don’t see the point of going to a class to “learn to breathe.”  With online classes you don’t even need to leave the house! All you need is a good wifi connection and a comfy chair and you are good to go.

No more endless searching that results in at least 5 conflicting responses and more questions than answers.  Everything you need to know is in this course. All your questions will be answered PLUS you will have access to your private online community café and live interaction with the Virtual Midwife.

“I remember Karen saying “enjoy giving birth” at my last prenatal yoga class. Indeed, I did, but only because I had her support. She helped me to understand the non-necessity of modern medical interventions and when to be able to say ‘no’. Karen helped me experience childbirth as it is meant to be – natural.”

Iram Ansari

Assistant Professor

Being pregnant far away from home can be extra challenging. Many things to find out, many things that are different from home,  so you sometimes forget to connect with your baby (and yourself). Karen helped me getting connected with my baby. Also after birth, she was a great help giving steer and support. Thanks Karen!


Engineer with an international oil company

For my second pregnancy (and the first abroad) I found the online antenatal course really useful as I could do it in my own time. Karen was a great support in talking through my worries and anxieties relating to the pregnancy / birth in a different country and what I should expect from that but also to talk through my first birth again and the different hopes and expectations my husband and I had.


Financial Controller

Giving birth far away from home and family can feel lonely and terrifying but her very special brand of care and attention goes a long way to making it better. Karen offers straightforward, honest and gentle support.  She does not pressure or judge but rather gives you all the information you need and then encourages you to listen to your own guiding instincts.

Chloe Steele


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